Technological systems, industrial branches, public policy, urban infractructures, and society as a whole are subject to innovation and adaptation processes. STTM is a group of science and companies leaders specialized for in managing complex transitions and adaptations to new constraints. Based on our experience and team composition of the team we are specialized inon designing problem solvingprocesses and developing strategies for technology innovation, but also social, structural and policy innovations, and sustainable transitioning of and in complex systems. Our team combines Given the composition of the team, highprofound methodological knowledgefrom various disciplines such as economics, technology, public policy, social and environmental science will be linked, with practical experience and profound knowledge of assessing customers and market needs.

STTM is a consortium (ARGE).
Thus, depending on the problem, we make the best knowledge available on a global scale.


Member of the Consortium

Prof. Roland W. Scholz
Sören W. Scholz
Prof. Gerald Steiner